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Title: The Holy Spirit Will Overshadow You

Medium: Oil on canvas paper

Size: 12 in. x 16 in.


You've got to be kidding me.

Turmeric stains freaking EVERYTHING!!!

Consider this FYI.

Holy Toledo.

Friday, January 16, 2015

One is better than none

Squirrels like them too.

I saw dandelions in flower today. Dandelions in flower in the middle of January. The snowdrops are not even prying yet. Though I'm sure those are just around the corner. If you think about it, only seeds contain time value; only seeds are a store of value - not money. Money is sterile. Begetting money from money is usury. The way our money comes into existence is through usury. As Bat said, we have "debtflation". In other words, we have both inflation and deflation due to debt. That is in fact what national debt is: inflation that is ultimately deflationary. A continuous back-suck on the public interest, on the common good. The bulk of the money circulating is money that has to be paid back, plus compounding interest, which compounds 24/7 without stopping for anything. In the meanwhile, this means that the very way that system works is that more and more money has to - has to - keep being "borrowed" in order for that system to keep going. This is why "austerity" will not only not work, but will further a "recession". Austerity will not work because we have deflation. This is why you see rising prices but no people wallpapering their walls with trash cash or people wheeling their wheelbarrows with mountains of trash cash to the store and not even able to buy a loaf of bread or people viewing their chequing accounts and seeing gazillions of worthless digital dollars therein. Our money is borrowed into existence with compounding interest. There are somewhat safer ways to do it than others, but all of them do the same thing: put a horrifically unjust burden on the labours, talents, productions and produce of man. Everything is not only devalued but is more and more enslaved, because our governments borrow the bulk of the money supply into existence at compounding interest, not because of mere overprinting. Debt is the invisible, multiplying thread that is woven throughout the entire economic structure, and one tug can bring it all down. The first step is to make sure that the thread gets as far woven as possible. This is done by incurring those in authority - like government - into the debt-money scheme. It really is a thin veneer of a puppet show being played before our eyes. The devil rides fiddle sticks. And he hands out fiddles galore.

"I am a shepherd who with his people has begun to learn a beautiful and difficult truth; our faith requires that we immerse ourselves in the world. I believe economic injustice is the root cause of our problems; from it stems all the violence." --Servant of God and Martyr, Archbishop Oscar Romero

UPDATE: The snowdrops are prying. I checked a location that gets more daylight.

Icon: The Blessed Silence

This icon was painted with oil paints.

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The Unmentionable Restlessness

Like many of Rachy's other pieces, this one has grown on me (as opposed to being an immediate hit). At the first listening I never thought I would be coming back to it again and again. But alas!

Reading comments on Rachmaninoff's music on youtube, you learn a lot of music terminology and things! Never thought I would learn stuff from youtube comments. But alas!

Some people seem to think that chromaticism is from the devil, which I guess would make Rachmaninoff like the antichrist or something? I dunno.

Funny thing is, before I knew the term, what I identified in his music as wonderful "drop offs" and "sudden veerings" struck me not as discontinuous and broken, but rather wholeness, interior logic, of something deep underneath being carried along, being attended to with continuous attention; and this gives way to what others have termed the hallmark of Rachmaninoff: "the unmentionable restlessness".

Chromaticism strikes me as akin to the painter who, having established an order, penetrates further into it by setting paint over primary precisions somewhat off-kilter. For precision is imprecise. And at every turn you must turn. Ha.

But some people should maybe give a try at composing music themselves, like those who say that his music gives evidence of mental illness, and then see what they come up with, and then come back to say their retarded criticisms about Rachmaninoff, and then realize that they have nothing to say.

Anyhow, his cello sonata is more restful than restless. If you want a fine example of "the unmentionable restlessness" then listen to Piano Concerto #4 and Piano Concerto #2 and Piano Sonata #1 just for a few examples, of course. There are others.

Chow chow for now.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Title: Late Afternoon Emptiness

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 1.5 ft. x 3 ft.